Warranty Center

We regret that you are experiencing performance concerns with one or all of the components in your sleep set. The iMS family of companies (Mattress Warehouse/Sleep Outfitters/Mattress King) partners with only the most reputable and established companies in mattress manufacturing to deliver the finest product and values to you, our customer.

Additional Information

We would like to take this opportunity to outline a couple of important points regarding your warranty claim:

  • Each manufacturer outlines their warranty coverage on the warranty card. Copies of these cards can be found on our websites under the Customer Service tab for your review.
  • The bedding must have a Law Tag and must be free from any stain, burns, torn fabric, watermarks, or discoloration to qualify for a warranty return.
  • Should your warranty claim be approved, you will have an in store credit for the purchase price of the defective product. At this time, we welcome you to come into our stores and reselect your new bedding. You may use this credit to purchase the equivalent bedding or you may decide to try a more luxurious model at additional cost. The manufacturer does require all King and Queen set MUST have center support(s). This can be a center leg and/or 5 hardwood slats.
  • Should you need to utilize our delivery service to exchange the products, there will be a $50.00 delivery fee.
  • Only defective merchandise will be replaced, this may lead to the fabric not matching if only once piece of the set is defective.
  • If you are approved, please contact your local store to set-up an appointment with the Store Manager. The best times for individualized service is Monday through Friday.

Once we receive your request forms, please allow up to two weeks for us to contact you to schedule a service appointment. If you would like to expedite the process you can submit the form electronically or fax pages 4-9 to 304.586.3715 or 304-586-4442 upon completion. Should you need additional assistance, please contact us directly at 1-866-637-3778 Monday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m-6:00 pm. We look forward to helping you rest easy.

iMS Customer Service

The Rundown on Manufacturers' Warranties

What IS Covered

  • Body Impressions of 1.5 inches or greater
  • Pillow-top or fabric lumping or shifting
  • Torn Handles
  • Coils or Wires broken or protruding
  • Box Springs that rattle or squeak
  • Box Springs splits in wood frame
  • Box Springs that sag (only if properly supported)
  • Five Star and Park Place requires a body impression over 2 inches

What IS NOT Covered

  • Any bedding that has a stain, unsanitary conditions, burns, watermarks, discolorations or bodily fluid(s)
  • Body Impressions under 1.5 inches
  • Structural damages due to improper framing or center support
  • Any bedding without a Law Tag
  • Mattress Fabric and Stitching
  • Comfort preferences
  • Bed Height
  • Replacement of another piece in the sleep set, unless defective
  • Non-matching mattress and box spring (mismatched Manufacturer's)
  • Abuse