Why an Adjustable Base is the Best Gift this Christmas

In the season of giving, why not give yourself the gift of great sleep by adding an adjustable base to your existing mattress? If you recently purchased your mattress (in the last five years), odds are that it is compatible with an adjustable base. Innerspring, foam, and hybrid mattresses are all compatible with adjustable bases, and, in most cases, you will not need a new bed.


Benefits of an adjustable base

Adjustable bases allow for ergonomically correct positioning while sleeping, so your spine is in correct alignment all night long. This alone can alleviate pain during waking and sleeping hours. Adjustable bases also position the body into a zero-gravity state, or to where one feels weightless. This alleviates pressure points, so you wake up feeling rejuvenated, and not stiff and sore.


The proper posture that is achieved by an adjustable base can alleviate acid reflux. A semi-upright position while sleeping also helps with asthma and other breathing problems and can quiet even the loudest snores. This position also allows for proper circulation, which helps with heart problems and also edema, or swollen legs or feet.


Adjustable bases can come with basic features, like just the head of the base raising up. They also come with advanced features, like massage, outlets for electronic device charging, or the ability to move the base back toward the wall once adjusted so you can reach your bedside table with ease. This range of features allows you to customize your sleep even further than just the right mattress for your sleep needs.


If you haven’t updated your mattress in the last five years, it is time to start considering a new one. With options for every budget, consider adding an adjustable base to your mattress purchase. This gift to yourself will last long after the holiday season.


Lauren Smalley