How Sticking to Your Resolutions Can Pay Off

New Year Resolutions can be difficult to keep. After all, it’s one thing to decide to get better sleep as a part of improving your health, but it can be difficult to make the necessary changes to make it consistent. However, giving up on good sleeping habits isn’t the same as giving up on the gym, and can have serious health consequences. On the flip side, keeping a good schedule for sleep can better your life and health.


Why bother keeping a set sleeping schedule?


Most folks don’t realize just how much of an effect sleep has on their daily life. The human body regulates sleep naturally with an internal clock, otherwise known as your circadian rhythm. Your sleep cycle is naturally dictated by environmental light, which is why most people rise with the sun and retire to bed after dusk. The natural rhythm this creates regulates everything from our daytime energy levels, to our digestion, stress management, and how well our bodies prevent illnesses. However, if you’re constantly changing your sleep schedule the rhythm never gets to set itself which throws your entire body’s functions into disarray. Lack of a regular sleep schedule can make someone irritable, deteriorate their memory, and cause them to have difficulties keeping concentration.


How can I keep a set sleeping schedule?

Training yourself to go to bed around the same time each night is the most important aspect to get right. If you find yourself losing track of time, try setting an alarm to remind you what time you’d like to go to bed. Avoid consuming caffeine or alcohol before bed, as that can alter how easily you’re able to fall to sleep. Avoid food that gives you indigestion or heart burn, and if you find yourself consistently struggling to find sleep it may be a sign you should seek medical assistance for untreated anxiety or a potential sleep disorder. Even if you prefer waking up a bit early or are a bit of a night all, remember that the key to keeping your resolution on track is consistency.



Preston Micalizio