Give Yourself Some Space with a King-Sized Mattress

Sometimes you just need a little space, and that’s no different when it comes to sleep. There is the romanticized view of falling asleep in your partner’s arms, but this can lead to 50 percent more nighttime disturbances than if you chose to sleep without touching your partner. The size of your bed may determine just how close you sleep them, as well. The width of a full-size bed gives each person a smaller sleeping area than what babies have in their standard-size crib. Just moving from a queen to a king gives you an additional 16 inches of width to toss and turn during the night.

Wide open spaces

But what exactly does that extra room mean for you? Being able to stretch out and get comfortable is an obvious perk, but also throughout the night, you are less likely to disturb your partner when you are moving. Some health conditions make it difficult to get comfortable at night, so that extra space is crucial for the extra movement. Relieving pressure points is easier on a king-size mattress with a larger sleeping area than if you were sleeping on the edge of a smaller mattress.

Pile on in

Also with the extra room, more people (or animals!) can pile in comfortably. So if you kids have a bad dream or just need some extra cuddles from mom or dad, then you have some space for them to join you. Now, we can’t promise that they won’t take up more than their fair share of mattress real estate, however. Same goes for pets; if your furry best friend likes to sleep with you, a king-size bed gives them their spot to do so.

Now's the time

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Lauren Smalley