Are Your Dreams Trying to Tell You Something?

Dreams have been scientifically researched since 1953 with the discovery of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, but there is evidence dating back over 5,000 years of the Ancient Egyptians documenting their dreams. There are many philosophical theories about dreams and how they are linked to reality. There are eight different types of dreams, including daydreams, lucid dreams, nightmares, recurring dreams, healing dreams, prophetic dreams, signal dreams, and epic dreams. There are often common themes of dreams, and this blog will dive into the meaning of those themes.


If you are falling in your dream, it is a signal that there may be a major life problem. This problem could be at work, in your relationships, or elsewhere. This red flag from your subconscious is not be ignored.


Falling and flying while dreaming are similar in that there may be an issue that needs to be addressed in your life. However, flying indicates the need to let something go or that there is an out of control situation. It’s also been noted that flying in a dream can be an expression of freedom from social norms and restraints.

Losing teeth

While it’s a common dream theme, no one can quite agree what it means. Dream experts have stated losing teeth in a dream can mean anything from losing confidence to a broken relationship to a desire for sexual stimulation. Other common beliefs are that you’re concerned about your communication skills or losing personal power.

Being naked in public

Where no one can seem to agree on what it means to lose teeth in a dream, most everyone agrees on what it means to show up naked to a public place in a dream. This represents vulnerability and anxiety. Common in people who have taken on a new role either personally or professionally, dreamers may be afraid of revealing their shortcomings or imperfections.

Being late

Taking on too much can trigger dreams of being late. This dream can also be a sign to not make promises you can’t keep. Making sure your workload is manageable should help curb this dream

Test taking

Perfectionists and those who truly fear failure will often dream about taking a test. The scenario is usually about being late for the test, unprepared for the test, or failing the test. These stressful dreams are commonly linked to the challenges of life during waking hours.

Being chased

The very vague explanation of why you may be chased in a dream is that you’re trying to avoid something or someone. This can be anything from a childhood trauma to a conversation you need to have with a loved one. Your pursuer could be known or unknown, which also adds a layer to the meaning of what you are trying to avoid.


If the death of a loved one or even your own death is a theme in your dreams, it can be quite unsettling. To clarify, the element of death in a dream is not necessarily a nightmare. If present in a dream, it can indicate the desire to start something new or the fear of change, so something that is old would have to “die”.

What are some other dream themes that you may have?




Lauren Smalley